Remorseful Panda

I honestly need to be on the ball with this mini blog even if its for myself lol

Welcome World to (a very delayed) Panda’s weekly update,

For starters: My excuses xD Brother’s Baby shower, Work, and Laziness (The truest one lol).

Now luckily, i have watched, tried, and read new things during this month of no updates. So without further delay:


  1. What men want – In theaters – This movie is predictable but funny. It kept the incidents very realistic except for the mind reading part. But the reaction were realistic and the only thing is that there have been movies like this that are very predictable. The ending was in a nutshell, she feels remorseful after realizing that she was just power hungry, she realizes that the heart matters, and her love interest gives her another chance at love. i recommend this movie but you can definitely wait till it comes out on DVD.Image result for what men want
  2. Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald – DVD – I am definitely a Harry Potter fan. Although this movie has a few contradictions, it definitely makes you think back to the previous Harry Potter films and see if you really know the story of these characters. I previously saw it in theaters and loved it but now i saw it in the comfort of my own home and i loved it just as much 🙂Related image
  3. Await Further Instruction- Netflix – Honestly this movie starts of very racist and the family corners not only the two main characters but the father has so much blind trust that he just continues to wait for instruction from the unknown source. I recommend this movie for anyone who wants to pass the time but i wouldn’t tell you to out right look for it.                                                                         Image result for await further instructions
  4. Ken Jeong: You complete me, Ho. – Netflix- Mr. Chow! the Ken has a away to make me laugh whether its in the hangover, couples retreat, or even his stand up. i definitely recommend this movie.Image result for ken jeong you complete me
  5. What makes a psychopath – Netflix – I like learning about the mindset of psychopaths and learning off all the known psychopaths that were part of this documentary. What always gets to interested is the thought that there are some psychopaths that are able to hide it and continue to live life without completely submitting to their desires.                                          Image result for what makes a psychopath netflix documentary
  6. Abducted in plain sight – Netflix – This movie definitely confused me in the sense that the family was very trusting to a brand new neighbor. Now i will say that he was charming but the little girl (As little girls should be) was very naive. which surprised me because nowadays its very rare that keeps still have an imagination to believe the stories that the abductor was saying to her. Definitely watch because it will give more insight to the world that we are all not aware of (Which is a good thing but also bad because a lot of people do now watch the news as often anymore)

TV Shows

  1. Queer Eye- NETFLIX
  2. Umbrella Academy- NETFLIX
  3. The story of God with Morgan Freeman – NETFLIX
  4. Weird City -YOUTUBE
  5. Conversation with a killer: The ted bundy tapes – NETFLIX
  6. The Voice – New season 🙂


  1. Monsta x
  2. Jekyll and Hyde
  3. iZ*one
  4. Vixx
  5. Post Malone
  6. Kacey Musgraves

Food/ Subscriptions

  1. Toyko Treats
  2. Yume Twins
  3. Bokksu

I wanted to update so its a little scattered-brained but i promise the next one will be better 🙂


Till next time





Forgetful Panda

Good Afternoon (Miami time),

Not only did i forget to update last week but i really haven’t done anything too eventful and i have been rewatching shows. I will updated next week with new reviews and new events.

Thank you for understanding 🙂


Consistent Panda?


Week 2 of my semi-blog lol

This week has been a pretty slow week for reviews but i wanted to be a bit consistent with my posting. So i watched a handful of movies, listen to music, finished/ caught up with a few shows, and tried some delicious food.

On another note, i have planned a few trips for the future so i’m excited about that.

Alrighty, here we go 🙂


  1. Cloud Atlas (2012) – Netflix – I know i am pretty late on this movie train lol but i never watched it and i always wanted to watch it. Once i saw it was available on netflix, i thought why not. So i have to say that it takes a bit to get into this movie and there are a lot of back and forth. So definitely have to watch this movie tentatively but once you start seeing the pattern and the connections, it becomes a pretty decent movie. Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Doona Bae, Jim Sturgess, and Ben Whishaw in Cloud Atlas (2012)
  2. The Little Mermaid (2018) Netflix – Okay, i will definitely not have the same opinion as the majority of people but i was fairly disappointed with this movie. I understand that this was another take to the fairy tale of the little mermaid but i was still disappointed with the story line. It took all the willpower that i had to force myself to finish this movie. The acting was pretty decent, but very bland; the acting was seemed very unrealistic. I understand that its a movie but when i watch a movie i want to feel like not only am i there but i want to finish a movie feeling as if i made a small connection to the movie itself. Well as i said, my opinion is unlike the majority but i wanted to share it.                                                            
  3. Close (2019) – Netflix – So i have not watched this movie but i am excited to watch it. It has the actress from “What happened to Monday?” which is also a Netflix original. I will definitely give my review for this movie next week because this weekend is a movie weekend 🙂                                                                                        Noomi Rapace in Close (2019)


  1. American Crime Story– Netflix – Okay so they have two season right now on Netflix and i will not lie, i did not watch the first season. The first season has to do with OJ Simpson, the title of the first season is “The people v.s OJ Simpson”. So i started watching this show and i am hooked, it is definitely an eye opener. Darren Criss plays Andrew Cunanan who killed Versace but the cast of amazing actors does not end there. Penelope Cruz and Ricky Martin are also playing big roles such as Versace’s sister and Versace’s Lover. I will let you know my ending thoughts once i finish this season.                                                                                             American Crime Story (2016)
  2. You (2018) – Netflix – I FINISHED THE SEASON. Omg this show is incredible, i was hooked and finished the WHOLE SEASON on a lovely saturday lol. The main character has me thinking that he was the perfect guy in front of the girl and then a total serial killer in the background. I recommend this show to anyone who loves thrillers and has enough time to finish this show in a day because once you start watching, you will not want to stop.                                                              Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail in You (2018)
  3. Busted (2018) – Netflix – This is a Korean drama and i am obsessed lol its a hilarious crime solving show. I am not done with the series yet but i will keep you posted 🙂

Busted! I Know Who You Are! (2018)


  1. iKon– Kpop band – Song: I’m Ok
  2. The Rose– Kpop Band- Song: Insomnia
  3. Highlight – Kpop Band – Song: Loved
  4. Got7 – Kpop Band – Song: I won’t let you go (Japanese Album)
  5. Kirk Jay – The Voice – Song: Defenseless (Original Song)
  6. Farruko– Urbano Lation – Song: Nadie
  7. Logic – Hip-hop/Rap – Song: Keanu Reeves
  8. Madison Beer – Pop – Song: Hurts like hell (Acoustic Live)
  9. The Killers – Alternative – Song: Land of the free
  10. Ariana Grande – Pop – Song: 7 Rings
  11. Damiano – Hip-Hop/Rap – Song: Hours


  1. Rolled Omelette – Korean Kitchen – Miami, Florida
  2. Rice Cake Soup- Korean Kitchen – Miami, Florida
  3. Pork Cutlet over Rice

Thank you for reading 🙂

I will write more next week. I am aiming for every Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend and since it is speeding by, have a Joyful January


Lilly Panda

Ghost Panda

Hello Hello World!

I have been ghosting for the past few months lol I have been so busy with work that i barely noticed that its 2019 hahaha.

Image result for happy  new year 2019

Well Happy new year everyone. Lets make this the best year ever 🙂

Now i have decided to make this a blog of my likes, review a new foods that i tried, review music, movies, shows, and lastly my travels. this will be likely to change but for now This will consist of Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll shows; places will be where i have traveled because i am planning to travel a lot these next 5 years; New foods will consist mainly of different types of Asian food because i have been trying Korean, Japanese, and Thai restaurants a lot lately; music will be anything that catches my attention, may it be old music or new (lately it has been Kpop lol); and lastly movies (I like to consider myself a movie buff but lets find out lol).

Alrighty, so after that lovely description(s), lets start.


  1. MARA– (Netflix)- I decided to watch this movie because my mom and I like scary movies, even though this one was in the horror section, i found it more dramatic than thriller. It was an interesting movie when it came to open people’s eyes to sleep paralysis. It did some parts where you felt like you could possible get scared but kind of left you waiting for the big punch. The ending felt rushed but that might just be a me thing lol

Image result for mara on netflix

2. Jesus Christ Superstar (2018) – (HULU) This one is with John Legend, Sara Bareilles, and Alice Cooper (Top names that i believe that people know). I saw the 2012 live in concert version with Melanie C from the Spice girls and fell in love. This was definitely a great way to get different individuals in to musicals and into the story of Jesus Christ, which i understand everyone probably gets the gist of it by now.

John Legend in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert (2018)

3. A Dog’s Way Home (2019)- In theaters- This movie was a bit disappointing. Not to say it wasn’t a good movie. It was good, had a bunch of heart felt moments but i was disappointed because one, some of the moments you think to yourself “How could that have happened” and “why didn’t she listen”. The ending was the most disappointing (IN MY OPINION lol) but i will let you guys decided. Let me know what you though about the movie, comment below.

A Dog's Way Home (2019)


  1. YOU – This show, i am not going to lie; i only saw the first episode and it honestly got me a little interest. I want to continue watching it; it had me a little panicking a little because it makes you notice (in the first episode) that technology is so scary. IT shows that although technology does make its easier for everyone to work, go to school, but also to find out information quickly which as this shows makes the viewers notice is that it can also be a bad thing. 

You (2018)

2. Love O2O (2018) – (Netflix) – This is a Chinese Drama and i am obsessed lol its a love story that has started in the game world and evolves into reality. Each Episode is about an hour; its like 5 episodes in before they even meet in person. If you are into Foreign dramas, this is definitely a must. Crazy enough, i love a sub couple in the drama but they never become a couple (yes its a BL couple lol). I also just found out that there is a movie of this drama; different actors.


  1. Grimms Notes The Animation (2019) – (Crunchyroll) – Only one episode is out on Crunchyroll right now. So far, its a very cute anime and graphics are super nice. It takes on fairy tales were the character know whats going to happen because of them have a “Book of Fate” which tells them what character they are and what will happen throughout there life. But there are villains who try to change the stories by connecting with the characters. BUT luckily we have heroes who take form of other character, such as: Alice, Cinderella, Goliath, and Robin hood. I’ll keep you posted if i decided to keep or stop watching this anime.

Junji Majima, Risa Taneda, Reina Ueda, and Aoi Yuuki in Grimms Notes The Animation (2019)


  1. Japanese Donburi – Super Delicious. My protein was Chicken, it has rice, a sunny side up egg, and onions. Restaurant: 107 taste in Miami, Florida
  2. Korean Hot Pot – AMAZING. it has ramen, 2 hard boiled eggs, sausage, dumplings, rice cakes, fish cakes, and veggies. Restaurant: U-Know Korean in Miami, Florida
  3. Pad Thai– Love the sauce. noodles, veggies, egg, Chicken, and Shrimp. Restaurant: Thai House 2 in Miami, Florida
  4. Watermelon Bubble tea – Delicious. not overly sweet, comes with Boba. Restaurant: 107 taste in Miami Florida.

That’s all for now 🙂

Have a wonderful day and i will try to update weekly 🙂

Let me know of any movies, shows, anime, foods, or music that you would like me to review  🙂


Anime/ Manga Panda

Good Afternoon World,

I have been busy lately traveling, reading mangas, and watching a bunch of animes.

First lets start with my travels.

On July 11th – I went to New York to See Got7 at the Barclay Center. It was as epic as i expected; it was my first ever KPOP concert and i was very happy with the experience. I made two friends at the concert itself and i was talking to people as if we were friends for years. I loved it; KPOP seemed to give us a easy way to communicate because to be honest, i am very shy and i honestly felt like it didn’t matter if i knew them or not. It was a beautiful trip and i would love to see them again in concert.

On July 25th – I went to Georgia to see Monsta X at the Cobb Energy Theater. I was blown away by the not only the music but how loving the fans were. It was like a whole new world with people of different backgrounds but all talking to each other as if they came to the concert together lol LOVED IT.

On July 31st – I went to Sunrise, Florida to see Panic at the Disco at the BB&T center. This was my first P!ATD concert and it was amazing; i felt like not only was i taken back to my middle school days but Brendan Urie’s energy is just all over the place and it was PERFECT lol I’m glad that i decided to go this time to his concert and drag my friend along because i’m too chicken to go by myself lol

On August 25th – I went to Disney World Orlando for my friends birthday and it was a nice trip because i haven’t taken a trip with them in a REALLY long time and we wanted to go on the Avatar rides that came out a few months ago. I went before already but it was nice to experience it with them this time around.

So those are my trips for now lol Now to my animes

So i will give my brief review and put a photo for your reference 🙂

Okay so First is Yuri on Ice. I finished this anime in 3 days because its only 12 episodes and it was adorable. The passion in each of the individual skaters was motivational; although its an anime, there are a lot of lessons and it even hit home when it talked about the main characters self-esteem issues. It touches very briefly on a boy love kind of feel (Which i loved lol) but it was more adoration for their coach and competitors.

Related image

Second Anime, I have been watching this anime weekly and i keep wanting to watch more is called: Holmes of Kyoto. This anime is Mystery type of anime with a little comedy and a little bit of Romance (Now). I love it mainly because of the main Character, he is a serious character that has unique ability but he is funny rude when it comes to certain characters. New episodes come out every Monday on Crunchyroll 🙂

Image result for holmes of kyoto

Next: This anime is comedy-Fantasy, best way to describe this anime would be to say the funny verison of Overload. This anime is called “How not to Summon a Demon Lord“. This is an anime about a shut-in individual who gets sucked into a game as his character in the game. The game he gets sucked into is a little different compared to the one he was playing in the sense that people do not come back to life and everyone is a little weaker than they were in the game EXCEPT him. He is the strongest individual (so far in the anime), new episodes comes out on Thursdays on Crunchyroll


The Fourth anime that i have been watching which i have been slacking in watching is called “Black Clover“. Main reason that i have been slacking is because i watch it with my brother but currently he has a love life lol So although this anime is really good and hilarious, i am not up to date with it. This anime is fantasy as well and it has to do with magic 😮 I recommend this anime for anyone looking to watch something after catching up with “Attack on Titans” and “Dragon Ball Z”.

Image result for black clover anime

Since i have quite a few more, i will just write the names of the animes.

5. Super Lovers (Boy Love)

6. Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (Fantasy Romance)

7. ISLAND (Fantasy)

8. King’s Game (Mystery; Action)

9. Butlers X Battlers (Action)

10. Libra of Nil Admirari (Mystery; Action)

Now I will list the Manga’s that i have read and i am currently reading. Yes its a lot lol

  1. Don’t be Cruel Series (Boy Love)
  2. I hear the sunspots (Boy Love)
  3. His Favorite (Boy Love)
  4.  Everyone is getting Married (Romance)

I am currently also reading a book

  1. Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch by Serena Valentino

I also read a lot of mangas on Apps, these are the apps

  1. Lezhin Comics (Website and app)
  2. Tappy Toon (Website and App)
  3. Mangatoon (App only)
  4. Coolmics (handheld website only. Ex. Safari on Iphone)

Okie Dokie, this is all that i can write for now since i am being a rebel and doing this at work lol I will try to write sooner so its not this long and hopefully be able to explain more.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

Poetic Panda

I close my eyes

Hear the voices outside my door

I hope that the screams would stop

The banging on the door

The tears stream down the side of my face

“Go away”, I whisper

“Leave me alone”, I think

Why won’t they leave

Why do they care

I just want peace

I just want….

To be left alone

I open my eyes

The screaming has stopped

The door is silent

I can hear my breath

I open the door, careful steps

No one’s home….

So who was here?

I feel a breath on the back of my neck

and then…

Completely darkness

Ragged breath

Heavy Pressure

“Help!” I scream

No response

why don’t they care

why did they leave me alone

why didn’t I care… for them

why did I want to be alone


Do…I…deserve… this?

Busy Panda

Good Afternoon (Eastern Standard time 3:10pm)  World,

I haven’t written anything in months.

So update on my little world.

  1. I have been at my job for a year and a half officially.
  2. I graduated with my Masters in Business Administration Specializing in Accounting
  3. I’m in a good place with my parents and my brother which i haven’t been able to say for a while.
  4. Still single but trying not to focus too much on relationships because when it meant to be it will be or some great quote like that lol

Not much as changed in my life, Oh i’m still really into anime and i am currently trying to Learn Japanese. Its hard to keep motivated especially in a new language at my age but hopefully i morph into a sponge and retain all that information.


Well quite frankly, i don’t have to much to say and i’m currently at work being a rebel lol

So until next time!